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Illuminating Your Insurance Experience

Doctor and Patient


  • Medicare Supplements and Advantage Plans

  • Individual Health Insurance

  • Professional Pennie Broker

  • Prescription Drug Plans

  • Dental and Vision

Property and Casualty

  • Auto

  • Home

  • Motorcycle

  • ATV

  • Camper/RV

  • Boat

  • Umbrella

  • Renters

  • Landlord Rental Property

  • Mobile Home

  • Vacant Home

Mechanic Handing Keys
Family at a Beach


  • Term Life

  • Permanent Life

  • Final Expense

Long-Term Care

  • Many people can expect to need long term care at some point in their lives. They may suffer from a disabling accident, chronic illness or be unable to complete simple activities such as dressing, bathing or moving around the house. Receiving help for these activities can be expensive and may require the possibility of a loved one needing to provide care. Becoming a caregiver can impact their income, assets and lifestyle, just as much as it could impact the person they are caring for. There is a big difference between caring about your loved one and caring for your loved one. Many people use Long Term Care insurance as a way to cover future costs associated with these situations and help protect their assets and loved ones.

Grandmother and Grandson
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