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Conversation Between Doctor And Patient


Pennie is the Commonwealth of PA’s official health and dental insurance marketplace and the only link to financial assistance to help reduce the cost of coverage and care.  See your savings and get local, personalized help today!

Our office is an official Pennie broker and your local support to help you find the best health plan.  We understand that health insurance can be confusing.  We can guide you through options that are available to you and your family.

 Do you need health insurance?              

                Recently lost job-based health coverage?

                Changes in household (marriage, divorce, having a baby or adopting, death in the family)?

                Changes in residence?

                Changes in income? 

                Need an affordable health plan?

                Not sure if you qualify to enroll through Pennie?


When in doubt, reach out!  Do not hesitate to give us a call to schedule an appointment today!!

Get your health insurance questions answered, shop and compare plans, and take the next step to good health with Pennie.

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